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C&W Berges GmbH

Berges UK Ltd have ceased their UK sales division and distribute their Berges Variable Speed Belts and Berges Variable Speed Pulleys through Y B Components Ltd


The product range:

Double pulley drives RF b for wide V-belts up to 160 kW

The spring type pulley is the driven pulley sizes R40b, R75b,R080b,R90b, R100b, R130b, R150b, R190b, R196b, R210b, R235b, R250b, R280b, R300b, R350b, R375b, R400b, R500b, R600b.

The bearing type pulley is the control pulley sizes F45b, F75b,F080b, F90b,F100b, F130b, F150b, F190b, F196b, F210b, F235b, F250b, F280b, F300b, F350b, F375b, F400b, F450b, F500b, F600b
Double pulley drives RD b for wide V-belts up to 160 kW

Double pulley drives KRM, RF for standard V-belts up to 5,5 kW

The KRM pulley system uses standard V-Belt sections and comprise of the KM spring pulley as shown below and the KR variable bearing type pulley available in sizes KR80.10, KR105.13, KR127.17.

The RF system uses the R bearing pulley (R100, R150, R210, R280)and the F spring pulley (F100, F150, F210, F280)
Single pulley drives FsB for wide V-belts up to 55 kW

This is a double spring type pulley in sizes F22sb, F100sb, F130sb, F150sb, F181sb,F190sb, F210sb, F235sb, F250sb, F280sb, F325sb, F350sb, F400sb
Single pulley drives KM, FS for standard V-belts up to 5,5 kW


Type KM80.10, KM105.13 and KM127.17 ios a single spring type variable speed pulley.

Type F100s, F150s, F210s, and F280s variable speed pulleys are an interlacing style where the 2 plates interlace with each other through the pressure of double springs
Assembly units RGAE for mounting motors and reduction gears- up to 160 kW

RGAE assembly units available in sizes RGAE80, RGAE100, RGAE150, RGAE190 RGAE210, RGAE235, RGAE280, RGAE325, RGAE18-22, RGAE30-45, RGAE55-75


CW-B Type Berges Variable speed belts
System and quality characteristics:

Short, space-saving symmetrical design
Precise plastic-coated round guides
Pressure springs with optimum characteristic for a favorable power ratio over the whole speed range
Integrated torque-dependent control cam (RD b)
Low mass moment of inertia thanks to the use of pulley sheaves made of highly wearresistant special aluminium alloy
Alternative designs for wide and standard V-belts
Suitable for U and Z designs

Although Berges Pulleys contain casting numbers such as 11000306, 11000307, 11000308 1100314, 1000315, 11000326, 11000329, 11000586,

we still require spring type or bearing type, the belt width and bore size to confirm