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Berges Variable Speed Pulleys


German manufacturer Berges have been consistently producing high power transmission variable speed pulleys for nearly two decades now. Even though the company is over ninety years old, the business only focused its attention on producing reliable speed drive technology since the turn of the millennium. It is fair to say they have certainly achieved their ambition of producing some of the most reliable and robust products on the market.

Featuring enhanced torque capabilities, Berges’ variable speed pulleys are especially efficient at reducing the friction often produced by such operations using speed drives. Below we take a brief look at a sample of the Berges variable speed belt products available through YB Components.

Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Pulley Technology

Berges variable speed pulleys include both symmetrical and asymmetrical versions. The symmetrical Berges variable speed belts can operate up to 160 kW and are so-called because of the cross section of its V-shape being symmetrical. This enables the contact forces on both flanks to be of a uniform strength which helps this speed belt produce a high power transmission despite its low mass.

The asymmetrical version of these Berges variable speed belts can operate up to 200 kW and feature a cross-section with differently sized parts. This produces a lower belt friction than with other designs, thus also enabling a higher power transmission.

Berges Double Speed Pulleys

Berges have designed and manufactured a variety of double pulley drives. The double Berges variable speed pulleys feature a system of two pulleys which combine together to transport a particular load. The term ‘double pulley’ can be used to describe two separate pulleys joined by ropes and operated at the same time, and it can also be used to describe a single unit consisting of two connected pulleys rotating side by side on a shared axle.

Technically, a double pulley such as the Berges speed belts are also described as a compound pulley system, although the double pulley is a very simple version of this.

Berges Assembly units RGAE

The Berges assembly units RGAE are for mounting motors and reduction gears with an operational capacity up to 160 kW. There a few options available in the Berges speed belt range including speed adjustment controls as well as basic components featuring multiple possibilities for systematic extension.

Berges Speed Belt Applications

Applications they are used with include pumps, compressors, combines and belt conveyor systems, as well as printing and textile machines, milling and drilling machinery. Berges variable speed pulleys are also often found in industries that predominantly use mechanical or plant engineering machinery such as mixers and agitators, ventilation systems and climate-control systems.

Clearly, Berges variable speed pulleys can be adapted to a wide variety of applications, although they are especially useful when pushed to the limit thanks to their robust nature. Another advantage of using Berges speed belts is that they are all designed to be easy to maintain.

If you require any Berges variable speed pulley products such as the symmetrical or asymmetrical Berges speed belts, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Berges suppliers who can ship these parts all over the world.