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Benefits of supply chain management


YB Components has a database of more than 150,000 manufacturers of the likes of Clc22 switching amplifiers and Centrex clutches across America and Europe. By offering a ‘source and supply’ service of thousands of vital industrial parts for machinery and equipment, YB Components helps our customers save money by purchasing essential components cheaper and locally.

As the Small Business Chronicle writes, effective supply chains offer businesses of all sizes and industries a competitive edge as they help “mitigate risks associated with acquiring raw materials and delivering products or services.”

If you are thinking about implementing a supply chain management system, you might be interested in reading about the different benefits such systems create for businesses.


Buying from the other side of the world from remote locations has now become an almost inherent part of modern culture, giving buyers more choice when it comes to ordering products than ever before.

To remain competitive in a global shipping marketplace, when it comes to shipping, businesses need to ship quickly and accurately and this is when supply chain management to prove a real asset. Quality and effective supply chain management systems assist companies in finding the best way to ship products while keeping costs to the lowest level possible.

Lowering operational expenses

In an overview of supply chain management (SCM), EResource lists the numerous benefits supply chain management.

One listed benefit is how with an effective system in place is the fact that by using supply chain management systems, businesses can lower their operational expenses with “timelier planning for procurement, manufacturing and transportation.” As EResource writes:

“Better order, product and execution tracking can lead to improvements in performance and quality – and lower costs.”

Ensure compliance with customer’s requirements and expectations

Implementing a sound supply chain management system can help ensure businesses comply with customer’s requirements and expectations. As CSR Compass writes:

“Responsible supply chain management can document that your products are produced in conditions that comply with internationally recognised CSR standards and guidelines.”

Risk mitigation

Businesses are met with the challenge of managing risk and supply chain management systems enable business owners and managers to identify the critical risk factors that lie within their organisation or with their suppliers.

Based in Castlefield, West Yorkshire, YB Components stock thousands of industrial components. From Sirem motors to Arrowflex products, Berges speed belts to anti-vibration mounts, Centrex clutches to Hadeflex couplings, we have thousands of couplings and clutches, belts and chains, bearings and bushes, and many more vital industrial components available for immediate dispatch.

Similar to effective supply chain management systems, YB Components ‘Source and Supply’ system can help save businesses of many industries and sizes money by purchasing their goods more locally.

Get in touch today if you require any specialist industrial components being shipped to your company.