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Benefits of Eurobelt Modular Belts

YB Components recently became UK Eurobelt suppliers and we are delighted to be able to supply companies in the UK with the high quality Eurobelt modular Belts.

These exceptional plastic Eurobelt modular belts are used across a wide variety of industries to transport food, liquids and other industrial products. These industries include the automobile manufacturing industry as well as industries making and transporting beverages, meat, preserved fish, fruit and vegetables. Eurobelt modular belts are also used in the dairy produce sector, as well as with industrial pastries and wine production.

There are many different products available through the new Eurobelt suppliers in the UK, YB Components, which can be viewed in the Eurobelt modular belts section on our website. In this article though, we will highlight some of the many benefits that Eurobelt modular belts provide for some of the different industries they are specialised for

Automobile Manufacturing Benefits of Eurobelt Modular Belts

Manufacturers of car batteries do not need to worry about corrosion caused by sulphuric acid when using Eurobelt modular belts. The same goes for the manufacturers of car tyres, as the plastic modular belts by Eurobelt ensures they avoid the metallic contamination of rubbers during the manufacturing process.

Eurobelt Benefits for the Beverage Industry

The Eurobelt plastic modular belt system significantly reduces the noise generated through the manufacturing process in the beverage bottling industry. They are the ideal alternative to the metal chains that become very clunky and noisy when operated at high speed.

Plastic modular belts also greatly reduce the costs involved thanks to much lower maintenance requirements. Eurobelt modular belts do not need any lubrication, and the models designed for the beverage industry enable product transfers without finger plates or uncomfortable dead plates.

Meat Industry Benefits of Eurobelt Modular Belts

A major issue in the meat industry is ensuring that the production lines remain clean. This can be difficult when using belts other than Eurobelt modular belts, as there will always be the likes of blood, viscera and other organic substances that make cleaning and maintaining optimal sanitary conditions difficult. All belt systems in meat transporting processes must therefore be removable and accessible for easy cleaning, which is what the products available through UK Eurobelt suppliers provide.

Eurobelt’s plastic modular belts can be moved and removed with ease, plus they can be lifted and easily dismantled to allow unlimited access to the most difficult areas that need cleaning. Some of the Eurobelt modular belt models have even been specially designed to enable continuous cleaning without stopping the production line.

If you require any Eurobelt modular belts, then contact YB Components who are the leading Eurobelt suppliers in the UK. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.