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Belt and Pulley Applications  

Belt and pulley systems are used throughout most industries to some degree or another, with the likes of large belt closed motor-variators popular in industrial environments such as manufacturing and engineering.

Some belt and pulley systems are very simple, with the intention being to simply move items from one place to another such as a low area up to a high area. Other systems are far more complex, such as multi-stage conveyor systems that use large belt closed motor-variators amongst many other belt types. You also find belts and pulleys inside engines – some of which we describe below – as they are a necessary component of the mechanical system that makes the engine work.

Here we look at some of the primary applications for belts and pulleys in action today.

Large Belt Closed Motor-Variators

Mechanical variators such as large belt closed motor-variators are adjustable speed drives that provide precise control over the operational or output speed of various applications. Motor variators are very flexible and allow for the fine-tuning of output speed, which makes the likes of large belt closed motor-variators ideal for applications that require a lot of accuracy and reliability, such as conveyor belts and production lines.

Power Steering in Automobiles

Most modern cars include power steering which requires a belt and pulley system. This application involves a pump using a belt and pulley system to spread a special fluid throughout the steering column which then aids the easy turning of the steering wheel.

The fluid is collected from a tub and forced through a hose via the belt and pulley system, which then returns the fluid to the tub to be reused.

Air Conditioning Belt and Pulleys

An air conditioning compressor also uses belts and pulleys to spread cool air inside a vehicle. The belt and pulley is necessary to ensure that the circulating air is sufficiently cool.

The air conditioning system achieves this by passing the air through a condenser that features a refrigerant that cools the air before it is circulated.

Alternator Belt and Pulley System

An alternator uses a pulley and belt system to constantly turn whilst an engine is switched on, which then allows the battery to recharge. The alternator is vital as many of a vehicle’s functions require the energy generated by the alternator to work.

With the help of a belt and pulley system, alternators power all of a vehicle’s lights such as headlights, dashboard lights and brake lights. They also power multiple other functions such as electric windows, radio systems and windscreen wipers.

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