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YB Components are able to supply Becker Pulleys and Becker Belts to customers in the UK and overseas

Becker Asymmetrical Pulleys are a unique design with angles of 3/17 degrees

The axial pressure on the V-belts is exerted by compression springs with optimally dimensioned characteristics.
Speed variation is achieved by changing the centre-to-centre distance by means of a sliding motor base plate.
Speed variation within ratio of 1 :3. This system provides an almost constant output power over the complete regulating range.

Asymmetrical adjustable disc-type unit, System BECKER

The Programme: The BECKER System asymmetrical adjustable disc-type technology
– Double pulley drives RF, RFN for wide v-belts up to 45 kW                                             
– Double pulley drives RK, RKN for wide v-belts up to 200 kW                 
– Single pulley drives FG, GF for wide v-belts up to 45 kW                                                   
– Drives discs with narrow v-belt pulley in flange design F, FN, K, KN, N for wide v-belts up to 200 kW

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