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Bauer Geared Motors


Bauer Gear Motors manufacture some of the highest quality, reliable and economically viable geared motor units on the market. Here we take a closer look at just three of their most popular gear motor products.

Bauer BG Series Helical Geared Motor

Bauer suppliers can confirm this BG Series Helical model is one of the best selling geared motors Bauer manufacture. The standard features of this BG geared motor unit are of an exceptionally high quality, while the design has also set the standard for reliability and economy. This helical geared motor can be used in conjunction with a variable frequency drive or inverter and has output shafts measured in inches or metric which enables easy integration and ensures it continues to be compatible in the future.

This Bauer gear motor also offers complete flexibility when it comes to mounting options, which include flange, feet, base and face mounting possibilities. The mounting of the motor terminal box is also flexible and can be rotated in 90 degree increments around the motor frame.

Every gear motor in the BG series is dust and hose proof, as well as being able to be operated safely outdoors and even in especially dusty or wet environments.

Bauer BK Series Bevel Geared Motor

Bauer’s BK Series of geared motors are also designed to be reliable, efficient and economical. The high quality standard features include hollow shafts even in the smallest sizes, plus uncomplicated integration and future proofing is provided by the inverter friendly design, with this BK Series also benefitting from the full range of mounting options including base, face, shaft and flange mounting possibilities. Further integration options are enabled by the motor terminal box mounting flexibility, with alternative positions achieved by rotating the box in 90 degree increments around the motor frame.

As with the BG Series, the BK Series of bevel geared motors is also available through Bauer suppliers and doesn’t require additional enclosures to be operated outdoors or in wet and dusty environments because they are dust tight and hose proof.

Bauer BS Series Worm Geared Motor

Bauer’s BS Series are right-angle worm-geared motors that are easy to install easily even in the tightest applications. They too are economical and designed with reliability and efficiency in mind. Standard features include hollow shafts, which again are available even in the smallest sizes. Uncomplicated integration and future proofing is provided by the compatibility of the BS Series with inverters.

Bauer again make their product available with flexible mounting options such as base, face, flange and shaft mounting possibilities. As with the BK and BG geared motors, the motor terminal box of these BS Worm Geared Motors can be mounted in alternative positions by rotating it in 90 degree increments around the motor frame, which significantly enhance the integration possibilities of this BS Series.

Dust tight and hose proof, you can operate these worm gear motors outdoors or in wet and dusty environments without needing special enclosures to protect them.

If you require any Bauer geared motors such as the Helical, Bevel or Worm Gear Motor products described above, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Bauer suppliers.