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Ave Plate Chains and Modular Belts


Ave Chains have long forged themselves a reputation as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of conveyor belt components. They produce plate chains, modular belts and sliders, as well as frame accessories and sprockets that are used in a wide variety of applications in industries all over the world. Here we take a focused look at a couple of their product lines, namely the plate chain belts and modular chain belts.

Ave Chains Plate Chains

The plated Ave Chains product provides a safe and smooth running conveyor belt movement. The Ave Chains special design of the plate chain enables the conveyor to turn at extremely tight angles which thus helps the conveying machinery minimise the amount of space it needs to operate in. Their flat surface of the Ave chains manufacture design are a safe option for operational purposes, with little chance of injury to staff who work in close proximity to the conveying system. Additionally, the flat surface of these Ave chains ensure the goods being conveyed will not be damaged in any way by the conveyor belt system.

The Ave chains manufacturing process has created a broad range of different plate shapes and sizes which enables them to be customised to a huge variety of conveyor system designs. There are also different plate materials available for use with different systems, with each of them built according to adhere to industry standards. Also available through YB Components are the Ave Chains sprockets which fit each of their belt designs.

The plate chains produced by Ave Chains also emit the minimum amount of noise and feature protective material across all functional areas of the chain. The interweaved design of the chain plates provides a continuously flat surface for the conveying of every practical item that might be conveyed in a wide variety of industries.

The applications of Ave conveyor chains include the various beverage industries, the engineering and automotive industries, medical and pharmaceutical as well as conveying technology, plus the packaging and food industry and machine-to-machine linking operations.

Ave Chains Modular Belts

The Ave Chains modular belts consist of a chain belt – usually plastic or some other non-metallic material – that consistently provides a stable and smooth-running surface for whatever product is being transported along the conveyor system. The Ave modular belts come in a variety of configurations including open mesh or flat top which have different methods of draining liquid or circulating air.

The modular belts have a special place among all the products Ave Chains manufacture as they have the ability to form loops, inclines and spirals. The flexibility of the modular belt makes it one of the most popular kinds of conveyor belt chain with a huge amount of applications similar to the plate chain. The Ave Chains modular belts are easy to maintain and should be able to resist the high temperatures that some conveyor operations produce.

If you require any Ave Chains products such the plate chains or modular belts,  then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Ave Chains distributors and who can ship these parts all over the world.