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AVE Conveyor Chains


AVE Chains manufacture high quality line modular belts and plate chains that are designed to be easily assembled while boasting high resistance with a low friction coefficient. They can be used for many different applications, and often without anchors or other materials clamping them to surfaces.

Here we take a broad perspective of what you can expect from the excellent products AVE Chains manufacture.

AVE Conveyor Chains

There are many different kinds of AVE conveyor chains available with a variety of tensile strengths, pitches, types of pin and roller, as well as various other specific features of the plates. The minimum tensile strength can be quite low with the maximum available going very high. The pins of the AVE chains are usually solid, though some designs are hollow which enables the fastening of accessory products such as spacers linking two chains working parallel to one another.

The ideal pitch of the AVE chains will be determined by the conveyor belt systems they will be used for and the operational conditions they must work under. Other considerations include the machinery needing to be transported around various locations, or the amount of necessary accessory products. What space is available for the operation is also an obvious issue to be taken into consideration when selecting the specifications of the AVE conveyor chains.

Basic Ave Chains Designs

The basic belts and chains AVE Chains manufacture can come with bushes for operations that use low speeds such as standard conveyor belts, or feeder and scraper belts. The Ave chains can also function as the traction component under certain conditions where the chain’s accessories are the carriers. Alternatively they can come with extra small rollers made of a material that protects the bushes to prevent wear and tear. The additional small rollers are especially useful in conditions where sudden impacts are frequent.

Another variation would be the chain with wheels which are basically rollers with a diameter greater than the height of the plate itself. These roller wheels enable the chain to roll along flat surfaces. The design of the roller wheels can also be flanged to ensure lateral guidance.

AVE Chains Distributors

As an experienced parts supplier, YB Components have spent years sourcing high quality components such as those AVE produce. We can deliver these AVE machine parts all over the UK and the world, with our local stocks in Yorkshire meaning we can provide exceptionally fast delivery to any businesses based in areas such as Wakefield, Pontefract, Knottingley, Castleford, Bradford or Leeds. We provide free delivery and wherever possible we aim to deliver on the same day as the parts are ordered. Our international delivery is also quick and reliable and so far we have provided industrial machinery components to companies based in over 40 countries around the world.

An additional service provided by AVE Chains distributors YB Components is the local onsite technical support where we can advise on issues such as the correct parts required for a particular machine as well as their installation and operation.

If you require any Ave machine parts mentioned in the above article such as line modular belts or plate chains  – then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading AVE chains suppliers.