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AVE Chains Solutions


AVE Chains manufacture high quality line modular belts, conveyor chains and plate chains. The company started back in 1953 and will be celebrating their 70th anniversary next year.

They design their products to be easy to install while retaining high resistance properties that generate very low amounts of friction. The AVE products available through AVE Chains suppliers like YB Components are suitable for a wide variety of applications. They can be used with or without anchors or other clamping materials. The products manufactured by AVE Chains are reliable and robust, and can be the solution for many industrial problems.

Let’s take a closer look at these AVE Chains solutions.

Standard Ave Chains and Belts

The standard chains and belts available through AVE Chains suppliers often come equipped with bushes. This makes them especially suitable for low speed operations, such as conveyor belts moving lighter materials, or feeder and scraper belts.

Such AVE Chains belts can also sometimes be applied as the traction component when the chain’s accessories are the carriers. Some models come with very small rollers which are designed to be used in environments that produce regular shocks and impacts. Other chain designs feature wheels which act like rollers to enable the chain to roll along flat surfaces.

AVE Chains Conveyor Belt Solutions

AVE Chains suppliers can offer conveyor belt solutions with a variety of tensile strengths ranging from low strength to high strength, as well as a selection of pitches and different types of pin and roller. Most AVE Chains pins are solid, but they also manufacture belts with hollow pins for applications where the likes of spacers need to be fastened securely.

AVE Chains Plate Chain Solutions

The plate chain products by AVE Chains are designed to produce a smooth running conveyor belt movement. AVE Chains plate chains are especially suited to conveyors that turn at extremely tight angles. They have a flat surface thanks to an intertwined design which makes them extra safe to work around, and the flatness also ensures goods being transported on the conveyor will not be damaged.

The plate chains available through AVE Chains suppliers also produce very little noise during operation, plus the functional areas of AVE’s plate chains are fitted with protective material.

AVE Chains Modular Belt Solutions

Modular belts are a chain belt made of plastic or other non-metallic material. They can form loops, inclines and spirals, and are an especially useful solution thanks to this incredible flexibility. They are designed to produce a reliable and smooth-running surface for the goods being transported via the conveyor system. The range of AVE Chains modular belts features multiple configurations for many different applications

If you require any AVE Chains solutions such as their standard chains and belts, or their modular and conveyor belts or plate chains, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading AVE Chains suppliers. We keep local stocks of these products so we can ship them fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.