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UK Homwing Distributors   

With products available through UK Homwing distributors YB Components, the Shenzhen Homwing Technology Company has been at the forefront of harmonic drive design and manufacture since their founding in 2014. Their collective experience stretches back much further than that, and they have enjoyed applying their deep knowledge of mechanical design and manufacturing towards developing a …

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Berges Parts Suppliers UK  

Originally founded in 1926, C&W Berges GmbH have been constantly expanding and improving their range of Berges speed belts and Berges pulleys ever since. They no longer have a UK sales division so British companies must acquire their excellent products through specialist Berges parts suppliers YB Components. Both Berges speed belts and Berges pulleys are …

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Maximising an Industrial Chain’s Service Life   

As an industrial chain supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components know that roller chains are one of the most common industrial components. Such industrial roller chains are used across many industries including the food and beverage industry, mining and quarrying, the marine industry, and pharmaceuticals. Roller chains are often used as they serve two main purposes. The …

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SMD Harmonic Gearboxes

The range of ‘brilliantly agile’ SMD Gearboxes features a variety of models including planetary and right angle gearboxes, as well as harmonic reducers. Here we will focus on the latter, with SMD harmonic gearbox suppliers like YB Components seeing demand for these precise and compact reducers increasing. First let’s look at exactly what constitutes a …

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