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Aokman Worm Gearboxes and Gear Motors   


Aokman Drives have manufactured some high quality Aokman worm gearboxes and Aokman worm gear motors that suit a wide range of applications. Here we look closer at the RV Series of Aokman worm gearboxes and geared motors.

RV Series Worm Gearboxes

The housings of the RV Series of Aokman worm gearboxes are either made with cast iron or a quality aluminium alloy that is light weight and will not rust. The aluminium alloy versions are models RV025 and RV090 and have been treated with after-shot blasting, anti-corrosion treatment and phosphating. The cast iron versions are the RV110 and RV150 models and have been after-painted with anti-rust paint. There are also two optional worm wheel materials, including tin bronze or aluminium bronze alloy.

The standard parts of RV Aokman worm gearboxes are very flexible which allows for various shaft configurations and motor flange interfaces, as well as multiple mounting options including flange, foot or torque arm mounting. These worm gear Aokman drives produce low noise during operation and have high heat dissipation and natural cooling properties.

Input configurations include equipped electric motors such as AC motors, brake motors, DC motors or servo motors, as well as an IEC B5/B14 motor flange or NEMA C Frame motor flange. These Aokman worm gearboxes can also have a solid shaft input configuration if required. Output configurations can be a keyed hollow shaft output or a hollow shaft with an output flange, as well as a plug-in solid shaft output.

Lubricate these worm gearboxes with grease and oil baths, as well as using the splash method.

Aokman Worm Gear Motors

The RV Series of Aokman worm gear motors are gear motor versions of the same worm gearboxes, featuring the same model numbers and made with the same housing and optional worm wheel materials. They also have the same low noise production during operation and heat dissipation and natural cooling qualities.

The worm shaft of the Aokman worm gear motors is made with 20Cr Steel that has been carburised, quenched and ground to have a surface hardness rating of 56-62HRC. It retains a 0.3-0.5mm carburised layer after precise grinding.

The input configurations and applicable motors are IEC-normalised AC motors, brake motors, DC motors or servo motors, with the output configurations again either a keyed hollow shaft output, a hollow shaft with an output flange or a plug-in solid shaft output.

Installation and mounting options include flange, foot or torque arm mounting, and lubrication should be in the form of grease and oil baths, plus the splash method can be used appropriately.

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