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Usually on this blog we like to highlight a particular manufacturer or product that we supply, usually in the form of gearboxes and motors, couplings and clutches, as well as variable speed pulleys and belts. We also supply a number of ancillary products that are worth highlighting, so below is brief description of some of the most frequently requested machine parts and components that don’t necessarily fall under the usual categories mentioned above.

AMC Anti-Vibration Mounts

While the usual AMC machine mounts are always of a high quality, the AMC anti-vibration mounts are especially popular thanks to their unique characteristics which dampen the effects of operational vibrations.

The mounts have high profile rubber sections that help them to create better and bigger deflections as well as lower the natural frequencies that cause vibrations. It is these particular attributes which are the main reason why the AMC anti-vibration mounts are ideally suited for many different industrial applications where isolating and minimising vibrations and impacts is crucial to maximising high performance.

AVE Chains

As well as conveyor chains, AVE Chains specialise in the development and manufacture of industrial belts, bands, guides and other sundry components. The chains are the most popular of the different AVE machine parts they make, so the company ensures they provide a variety of options for the many varied applications they can be used for. Many of the AVE chains are made from stainless steel, but there are other versions using different materials designed to maximise performance levels in different conditions.

While the stainless steel products remain in high demand, the non-stainless steel high-performance materials which improve the capacities of their products under certain conditions are proving equally as popular.

Murtdfeldt Wearstrips and Tensioners

Murtfeldt specialise in the production of plastic wearstrips and tensioners. They have a trademarked compound called “S Green” which has helped raise the company’s profile and establish them as one of the world’s leading plastics manufacturers. The products in the Murtfeldt wearstrips range include curved and straight tracks which are either extruded or machined.

Both the wearstrips and the Murtfeldt tensioners are used in a wide variety of industries, including the likes of bottling and packaging, chemistry and other pharmaceuticals, ceramics, glass product manufacture, food processing and paper production. The Murtdfeldt wearstrips and tensioners are ideal for use with modular belts as well as slat and conveyor chains.

Senotec Level Sensors

The wide selection of Senotec sensor products are also used for many different applications across many different industries. Senotec sensors are frequently used in the packaging and textile industries, as well as often being employed in paint-spray lines and for bookbinding purposes. The company also manufactures many high quality switching amplifiers such as the CLS33 and CLS45 models, although their filling level probes such as those in the CLC line remain the most popular products manufactured by Senotec Level Sensors.

If you require any ancillary products such as Ave chains, AMC anti-vibration mounts or Senotec sensors, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading suppliers of industrial parts who can ship these special components all over the world.