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An exploration of Osborn Rollers


Osborn’s Load Runners are some of the most sought after rollers as they have been specially designed to tolerate both thrust and radial loads for a wide variety of heavy-duty applications. They are so good that they are often touted as the complete solution for linear motion control. The Osborn rollers manufacture design is especially useful as it is geared towards ease of application and user convenience. The Osborn designers make use of tapered roller bearings or deep-groove ball bearings and they parts themselves are often pre-cut and drilled according to customer specifications.


About Osborn Rollers Manufacturers


While everyone probably knows the Osborn brand thanks to their patented Load Runners, the main Osborn International company is also a global leader in surface treatment and finishing solutions. They boast more patents on particular products and processes than all their rival companies combined. Though they have been established as business for over a hundred years, having been founded back in 1887 in Cleveland in the United States, it was their designing of the world’s first non-needle roller bearing idler roller a little over fifty years ago that helped get their ball rolling as a global leader, so to speak.


The ‘innovative culture’ of the Osborn company has helped them produced numerous industry firsts with their Load Runner brand’s precision load-handling system being the most noteworthy. These days their idler roller and rail solutions are used in a wide variety of  industries including medical, metalworking and the automotive industry, to name but a few.


How Osborn Rollers Are Made


In basic terms, Osborn rollers are an assembly of cleverly designed fabricated outer shells or treads which contain precision bearings fitted to a shaft constructed to have a high tolerance. The Osborn rollers are intended to be paired with a tread or shaft and bearings into a cohesive and highly efficient unit. The patented Load Runner design, which Osborn rollers distributors make available outside of the USA, features heat-treated steel with precision bearings and lubrication with a seal system intended to be maintenance-free.


Osborn designs their Load Runner rollers with what they call ‘exacting engineering principles’. The also declare that they put an emphasis on achieving better balance and increased bearing life along with less tread or outer shell wear. Additionally, the Osborn designers aim to reduce power consumption and produce a smoother and quieter operation.


Types of Osborn Rollers Suppliers Make Available Outside the USA


While the Osborn company is, of course, based in the United States, there are other companies who make it their business to ensure the availability of such high quality products such as the Load Runners are available around the world.


Other Osborn roller designs made available around the UK and Europe by YB Components include crowned profiles, either flanged or non-flanged, as well as flanged concentric and eccentric types. There are the V-Grooved rollers, again either flanged or non-flanged. There are also plain stainless steel rollers as well as rollers with special plating such as zinc or chrome. Rails and heavy duty shafts are also available.


If you require any of these Osborn rollers, rails or shafts, then contact YB Components who are the leading Osborn rollers suppliers and can ship these parts all over the UK and the world.