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AMT Slide Rails and PMI Linear Guideways


There are many advantages to be gained by using PMI linear guideways, or AMT slide rails as they are sometimes called in reference to the brand’s previous name. Here we will look at the benefits of using the PMI-AMT linear guideways in industrial slide rail applications.

High Accuracy and Repeatability of AMT Slide Rails

The PMI linear guideways or AMT slide rails are designed to have high positioning accuracy with a strong repeatability factor. The rolling motion design has a low friction coefficient, greatly reducing the difference between the static and dynamic friction elements and preventing any sticking or slipping.

Low Frictional Resistance of PMI Linear Guideways

The low frictional resistance also means that the high precision can be maintained

for longer periods of time. The frictional resistance of AMT slide rails is only 1/20th to 1/40th of the frictional resistance in a standard slide guide.

The operator can also easily lubricate PMI-AMT linear guideways by inserting grease through the grease nipple on the carriage, plus there is a centralised pumping system for lubricating the PMI linear guideway with oil. The lubrication further reduces frictional which helps to maintain the accuracy for longer periods of time.

High Rigidity and 4-Way Load Bearing

The high rigidity and four-way load design of the AMT slide rails are optimally designed geometric mechanics which allow the PMI linear guideway to bear loads in radial, reversed radial and both lateral directions. The rigidity of PMI-AMT linear guideways can also be achieved by preloading the carriage or by adding additional carriages.

AMT Slide Rails for High Speed Operation

Despite the rigidity built-in into the design for functional purposes, the PMI-AMT linear guideways are suitable for high speed operation. The aforementioned low frictional resistance means that the necessary driving force is much lower than in other similar types of linear guideway systems. This in turn means the AMT slide rails consume much less power than rival products, as well as minimising the temperature increase even during high speed operation.

PMI-AMT Linear Guideways are Easy to Install and Maintain

The PMI linear guideways are easy to install and can be interchanged with a wide variety of related components which makes them easy to maintain. While other inferior slide guides require precision-cut surfaces on which to operate optimally, PMI-AMT linear guideways maintain their accuracy even when the mounting surface is machined by milling or grinding.

All of these advantages make the PMI linear guideways the best option to choose when searching for a reliable and high performance slide rail. As PMI-AMT linear guideway suppliers, YB Components keep local stocks ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.

If you require any PMI linear guideways or AMT slide rails as they are still sometimes called, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading PMI-AMT linear guideway suppliers.