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AMC Mecanocaucho’s BRB Captive and BSB Engine Mounts


AMC Mecanocaucho have been producing top of the range anti-vibration mounts since 1969 and have earned a reputation for themselves as pioneers of the industry. They have manufactured and designed some of the best anti-vibration mounts that are used throughout a wide range of industries. Thanks to AMC Mecanocaucho suppliers such as YB Components, they have been helping businesses all around the world to reduce the integral vibrations and air-borne noise of their industrial machines.


Over the years, AMC has created quite the comprehensive ranges of anti-vibration mounts. We won’t have space in this single blog to describe all of their designs, but we can highlight a couple of the more popular ones.


BRB Captive and BSB Engine AMC Anti-Vibration Mounts


These particular kinds of AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts are most suitable for applications where vibration isolation is a priority. This could be any kind of mobile or rotating machines which require more control of their various movements because of the axial and/or radial shock impacts which produce additional vibration as well as contributing to noise pollution of the immediate area. Examples of machinery using this particular mount include ventilators, compressors, pumps and numerous industrial vehicles.


These mounts are also suitable for any machinery exposed to dripping oil or other liquid, as well as constant exposure to the elements such as rain, wind and direct sunlight. These AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts have high profile rubber sections which enable them to produce larger deflections and lower natural frequencies. These qualities are the primary reason why the BRB Captive and BSB Engine anti-vibration mounts are ideal for applications where isolating vibration is a top priority.


Technical Specs of the AMC Mecanocaucho Anti-Vibration Mounts


The technical characteristics of the mounts include a metal hood on the top which protects the rubber from the elements such as water, direct sunshine and any dripping oil or diesel, which could damage the rubber over time. Each of the metal parts has also been treated with a RoHS-compliant anti-corrosive application so that it can be used and stored safely outdoors. Each piece also features a fail-safe in the form of an interlocking component which prevents overload of vertical movement when the device experiences shock impacts.


Both the BRB Captive and BSB Engine mounts are clearly identified with engraved base plates which list the type of mount and the hardness factor of the rubber components within. These I.D. base plates make it easy to identify which type of mount it is even after many years of usage. Both the BRB Captive and BSB Engine mounts also feature a top cap with a special indentation in the shape of a cross which has the purpose of enhancing the rigidity on mobile applications while allowing liquids such as oil, diesel or water to flow away easily.


Of course, these are just two of many, many different AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts, so if they are not suitable for your business then one of the other designs not featured in this article almost certainly will. No doubt we will find time to highlight more of the other designs in future blogs.


If you require any AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts, whether that’s the BRB Captive, the BSB Engine or any of the many other anti-vibration mount designs produced by AMC Mecanocaucho, then contact YB Components who are the leading AMC Mecanocaucho distributors who can ship these parts all over the UK and the world.