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AMC Mecanocaucho BSB Anti Vibration Mounts


AMC Mecanocaucho suppliers like YB Components supply a lot of the renowned manufacturer’s different anti vibration mounts. Sometimes we like to run a feature on multiple models in a range, but here we will take a closer look at just one of the exceptional AMC mount designs.

Read on to find out more about AMC Mecanocaucho’s rubber and metal BSB anti vibration mount.

BSB Anti Vibration AMC Mount

The BSB model from the range of AMC Mecanocaucho anti vibration mounts is designed with rubber elements which handle both shear and compressive stress. They have an optimal ratio of stiffness and horizontal stability which make them especially useful when stability is a priority for the application.

The BSB AMC mount design features a top metal hood that protects the rubber elements from environmental factors such as UV rays, as well as from the likes of diesel or oils which can cause damage to the rubber. The metal parts have also been given an RoHs-compliant anti-corrosive treatment so they are suitable for outdoor applications.

The BSB anti vibration mount also come with an interlocking metal component which is designed as a fail-safe safety feature, which is especially applicable when this AMC mount is used with mobile applications. The fail-safe places a limit on the amount of vertical movement that is possible, especially when the mount is subjected to shocks and impacts.

BSB AMC Mount Applications

There are multiple suitable applications that the BSB model of AMC Mecanocaucho anti vibration mounts is suitable for, though it is primarily designed for mobile applications. This includes rotating machines that need a lot of control over the movement because of the potential for both axial and radial shocks.

The BSB mount is also ideal for isolating a mobile rotating machine that is exposed to the environment or consistently subjected to axial and radial shocks and impacts.

Specific BSB mount applications include pumps, marine-land auxiliary units, compressors, ventilators and many different kinds of industrial vehicles.

AMC Mount Identification

AMC Mecanocaucho anti vibration mounts such as the BSB mount are always clearly identified via the base plate and the hood. The AMC mount’s base plates are engraved with the type of mount it is as well as its hardness factor so they can be quickly be identified even after many years of use.

The top metal hood also has a special cross stamped on it which actually improves its stiffness during use with mobile applications. The cross stamp also helps channel any oil or liquid that splashes on it away from the rubber components within.

AMC Mount Operation And Assembly

To maximise the performance of the BSB AMC mount, the hood mounts should be installed between two parallel and perfectly flat surfaces. Operating the application while these mounts are tilted or twisted will diminish their performance. When installed correctly, you can expect an exceptionally reliable anti vibration mount that optimises the application’s performance.

If you require any AMC Mecanocaucho anti vibration mounts such as the BSB AMC mount, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading AMC Mecanocaucho suppliers.