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AMC Machine Mount Applications  

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AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts are used across a wide variety of industries, with a robust AMC machine mount proving popular in many different applications.

Here we look at some of the products available through AMC Mecanocaucho distributors YB Components, along with their specifications and the applications they are used for.

BRB AMC Mecanocaucho Anti-Vibration Mounts

This BRB model of AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts are designed for use with applications where it is important to have excellent vibration isolation. The BRB mount features a metal hood on the top which acts as a protective barrier for the rubber part that is more susceptible to wear from exposure to the elements and contagions.

Applications that use the BRB AMC machine mount are usually mobile or rotating machines that need special control over the different movements due to the potential shock impacts that generate subsequent axial or radial vibration. These AMC machine mounts are often used in equipment such as compressors, pumps and ventilators.

The BRB mount also includes a special fail-safe in the form of an interlocking component that stops any overload of vertical movements during heavy vibrations or shock impacts. In addition, all metal parts used in the BRB model of AMC Mecanocaucho anti-vibration mounts have had an RoHS-compliant anti-corrosive treatment so it is suitable for safe use and storage outdoors.

BSB Anti-Vibration AMC Machine Mount

The BSB model available through AMC Mecanocaucho distributors is an anti-vibration mount designed with special rubber elements that easily contains both shear and compressive stress forces. When stability is a priority in an application, the BSB’s excellent ratio of stiffness and horizontal stability make them ideal.

The BSB AMC machine mount design also features a metal hood on the top that protects the rubber elements, similar to the BRB model. The hood is especially useful against grease and oils which can cause damage to the rubber, as well as fending off the environmental elements like UV rays.

Applications that make use of the BSB machine mount from AMC include any that need to isolate a mobile rotating machine that regularly experiences axial or radial shocks and impacts. You will also find the BSB mount on pumps and compressors, as well as on marine-land auxiliary units.

Hydro AMC Machine Mount and Hydraulic Cone Mount

The AMC Mecanocaucho Hydraulic Cone Mount has a spring component with a special hydraulic shock absorber (shaped like a cone), while the Hydro Mount uses a compact combination of a spring with a hydraulic dampener in a single unit.

The Hydro AMC machine mount includes a low dampening coefficient which generates excellent vibration isolation, in combination with a high dampening coefficient which provides better motion control. Both the Hydraulic Cone and Hydro AMC machine mounts are often used to insulate vibrations in off-road vehicle engines and cabs, as well as being popular for various applications in the construction and agricultural industries thanks to high resilience and stability to withstand regular shocks and impacts.

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