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Alligator Lacing Fastening System

The Alligator Lacing Fastening System is designed for easy and economical installation of a low-profile belt splice, with the these Alligator fasteners now available through YB Components.

The Alligators fasteners come in customisable and continuous lengths, and the system can fit on any belt width for both conveyor and transmission systems. You can also rely on the Alligator Lacing Fastening System to provide uniform tension across the full belt width.

Alligator Lacing Features

The Alligator Lacing Fastening System can be used on belts with a mechanical fastener rating up to 35  kN/m or 200 PIW. Belt thicknesses can range between 0.8mm and 13mm or up to half an inch, while the pulley diameter range is 25mm to 350mm, or from one to 14 inches.

Alligator fasteners are engineered to prevent pieces from working loose from the belt and into the product thanks to the one-piece fastener strip. The removable hinge pin allows for easy cleaning and sanitation of belts, while the teeth are embedded lengthwise in the belt to produce an exceptionally strong, vice-like hold.

Installation of Alligator Fasteners

Alligator belt lacing installation does not require any special tools, as the only tool needed is a hammer. Specially-designed clips hold the gauge rod and lacing firmly in place and squarely against the belt during the installation process. This ensures a strong and straight splice. The straight splice also make the hinge pin insertion much easier.

Alligator Lacing Materials

Steel Alligator fasteners are suitable for most applications. They are corrosion-resistant and specially plated to prevent rust.

The 300 Series Stainless Steel variety of Alligator fasteners are non-rusting and provide even more resistance to abrasion, acids and chemicals, as well as reducing magnetic attraction. This material is especially useful for applications with high sanitation requirements.

Pin Designs of the Alligator Lacing Fastening System

The Corrugated Hinge Pins are the standard and are suitable for all sizes of Alligator fasteners, as well as for smaller transmission belt lacing applications. The hugs on the hinge pin engage lacing loops which reduces the chance of hinge pin migration. These corrugated pins are available in steel or stainless steel.

The Rocker Hinge Pins are furnished with transmission belt lacing, with a two-piece pin producing a rocking action to reduce friction and wear on loops and lacing. Rocker pins are also available in steel or stainless steel.

Applications of Alligator Fasteners

The common market applications of the Alligator Lacing Fastening System include packaging and parts conveying, wood products and agricultural harvesting, as well as handling, recycling and scrap handling. Alligator fasteners are also excellent for use in any applications that involve contact with food and sanitary materials.

If you require any Alligator fasteners, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Alligator Lacing supplier in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.