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Agricultural Gearbox Supplier in Yorkshire


As an agricultural gearbox supplier, Yorkshire’s YB Components ship these crucial machinery parts all over the UK and the rest of the world. The types of agricultural gearboxes available are suitable for applications such as harvesters, rotary mowers and tillers, post hole diggers and TMR feeder mixers. There are also farming gearboxes for machines such as manure and fertiliser spreaders.

Agricultural Gearboxes in Yorkshire

Agricultural machines such as those listed above require special gearboxes that have been designed to be robust, hard-wearing and resistant to the elements and other harsh environmental conditions. This is because they are the main mechanical component of the kinematic chain that comprises an agricultural machine and enable the other parts of the chain to function as purposed.

Usually agricultural gearboxes are driven by the power take-off (PTO) shaft and assorted gearbox drives. Another method for transmitting operational torque to the gearbox is by either belt pulleys or hydraulic motors along with chain gears.

Agricultural Gearbox Design

The design of these tough gearboxes for farm machinery is generally quite uniform in its basic structure. Pretty much all such agricultural gearboxes will have a single input shaft and either one or more output shafts depending on the application.

Within this uniform design, there are two main types of drive design that are available through an agricultural supplier in Yorkshire, differentiated by the positions of the input and output shafts in relation to each other. Right-angled gearboxes will have the shafts positioned at 90 degrees to each other, creating a right-angle, whereas inline shaft gearboxes feature the two shafts positioned next to each other.

Each of these two main types of gearbox also has various sub-types and each of these has advantages and disadvantages which determine which applications they are most suitable for. For example, right-angled gearboxes can be either orthogonal (meaning each shaft shares the same plane) or skewed (meaning the shafts are offset from one another).

Below we look at the inline gearbox sub-types and their characteristics and applications.

Inline Agricultural Gearboxes

Inline gearboxes can be either parallel or coaxial.

Parallel inline gearboxes feature the input and output shafts offset from each other by varying degrees with zero variance in their angle alignment. Parallel gearboxes generally use spur, helical or double helical gears, and are better suited to low speed and low torque applications. They are also ideal for applications with limited space because of their efficient size and shape.

Coaxial inline gearboxes have the input and output shafts sharing the same axis, rather than aligned separately as in the case of parallel gearboxes. They use high performing planetary gear systems and are far more suitable for high speed and high torque applications. However, they are generally more expensive and are much more complicated to keep clean and lubricated.

If you require any agricultural machinery parts, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading agricultural gearbox supplier in Yorkshire.