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Advice on inspecting an industrial gearbox

Inspecting a Sirem gearbox, Spaggiari gearboxes, Sumitomo gearboxes, or any other type of industrial gearbox for that matter, can help identity any problems or issues before equipment failure arises. Regular inspections of gearboxes can therefore help eliminate emergency repair costs.

There are several sources that cause an industrial gearbox to become contaminated. Gearboxes are typically operated in dirty environments and are therefore prone to becoming contaminated with dirt, grime and grease. In order to ensure your equipment is in tip top condition it is therefore imperative it is regularly inspected.

Detecting overheating

One of the most obvious signs that a Sumitomo gearbox, a worm gearbox or any other type of industrial gearbox is faulty and not operating as it should, is when you see signs of overheating. The overheating may cause one or several of the following that will help you detect the gearbox has a problem.

.               The gearbox housing is discoloured or the paint is burnt

.               Smoke is escaping from the seals, breathers or shafts

.               Plastic components around the gearbox such as shipping plugs have melted

.               If water is sprayed on the gearbox housing or shafts it crackles, boils and evaporates easily

.               If you see metal chips on filters or magnetic plugs this could be a sign or gear or bearing failure due to overheating

Professional gearbox inspection

It might be a planned inspection of a Zurrer gearbox or part of  regular maintenance programme of industrial equipment, or an emergency inspection of Spaggiari worm gearbox following a problem, having a specialist service engineer to carry out an inspection on a gearbox will help your gearbox run as it should and reduce the risk of a costly breakdown.

YB Components has years of experience carrying out inspections and repairs on industrial gearboxes. If you are based in the UK, simply send us your gearbox and we will give it a full inspection free of charge.

If new gears are required we will source them from Sirem suppliers, Sira suppliers, Sferax suppliers, or whatever the original manufacturer of the gearbox was, if they are still available.

All gearbox repairs with YB Components carry a full 12 month warranty.

Rather than waiting until it’s too late and bagging yourself a hefty emergency repair cost, get in touch with YB Components to arrange getting a comprehensive and meticulous gearbox inspection carried out.