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Advice for sourcing compatible machine parts quickly, efficiently and economically


Are you paying too much for your industrial parts? Perhaps the likes of Deepak variable speed pulleys, Sira spring tool balancers, Pacific linear bearings, Rectus hose couplings and other essential industrial parts are costing you more than you’d ideally like to pay? If so, you could be sourcing the parts from the wrong locations.

Go online

When it comes to buying products of virtually any industry, the internet is a valuable tool for researching products and comparing prices. You’re first point of call could therefore be searching the internet for reputable industrial parts’ suppliers.

Source and supply

Opting for a company that offers a source and supply service can help save you time, effort and money when looking for and purchasing industrial components.

For example, YB Component’s source and supply service comprises of a database of more than 150,000 manufacturers throughout Europe and America. Working with such a large volume of specialist suppliers around the world enables our customers to purchase goods locally and often more cheaply.

We pride ourselves on the fact we have built up successful business relations with speciality suppliers of industrial components and are consequently able to meet our customers’ needs in a cost-effective manner.

Whether you’re looking for Siren drums, Sferax linear bearings, Arrowflex suppliers, Ave chains, or any type of part for industrial machinery and equipment, our vast pool of suppliers database means we can provide our customers with competitively priced parts that help meet budgets and minimise costs.

Think about shipping

As Entrepreneur writes in an article about saving money on shipping costs, “shipping merchandise can be one of the most complicated operations for any small business.”

“Poor or no planning can result in owners overpaying, as well as losing sales if the company can’ t provide consistent and cost-effective delivery to customers,” Forbes warns.

Using a ‘source and supply’ service can help businesses save money on the shipping costs associated with their industrial parts. For example, by ensuring you source produces from the most appropriate location around the world, YB Components’ helps our customers minimise overall shipping and transportation costs and time.

‘Machining facilities’

Another solution to the often expensive and lengthy process of locating industrial parts, would be to use ‘machining facilities’.

Whether it’s hydraulic components, mechanical components, electronic components or pneumatic components, YB Components’ machining facilities enable us to make fast deliveries to our clients.

It might be a ‘one off’ special or high volume scheduled stock, or you are wanting to locate a part that is now obsolete, our ‘machining facilities’ might just be the answer to purchasing essential components quickly, efficiently and economically.

Having been sourcing and supplying specialist machinery parts since 1993, YB Components provides a quality and professional source and supply service of essential industrial components. If you require any parts locating, get in touch with YB Components today.