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Advice for searching for industrial components


You need to locate some variable speed pulleys and belts. Do you opt for Berges, Lenze, SIT, Deepak or Comitec? You need some couplings, clutches and universal joints. Which makes do you go for? Desch, Enemac, Falk, Jaure, Kumera, or Tschan maybe? Lastly, you need a new industrial gearbox. There are hundreds of industrial gearboxes manufacturers in the world. Do you opt for Pujol, Zurrer, Heynau, Spaggiari, to name just a few? Our point? Searching for industrial parts can be a challenge in itself. Fortunately, help is at hand with the following advice for searching for industrial components.

Why are the parts needed?

It might sound obvious but the first thing you need to decide is why and where the parts are needed. For example, if a machine has become faulty and needs repairing, it is vital to determine which components require either repairing or replacing.

If you are not an expert in industrial components and machinery, you may want to take the equipment to a components specialist for a diagnosis. Experts in industrial components and repairs will not only be able to determine which component of the machine is damaged but they will be able to offer you advice on either repairing or locating, for example, a Kumera gearbox or some Lamidisc all steel couplings.

Check the owner’s manual

However, before panicking and heading straight for your nearest industrial equipment repair services, you shouldn’t dismiss the owner’s manual, which will contain vital information about internal parts. For example, the owner’s manual of a power tool could possibly include a list of all parts and where to get hold of them.

Failing this, most manufacturers of industrial components and machinery offer parts catalogues for their tools. You should refer to these catalogues to make locating a specific part considerably easier.

Check online

Where would we be without the encyclopaedia of knowledge under our fingertips? If you are not having any joy in your quest to find, for example, Senotec sensors, a Liming gearbox or a Desch clutch, why not search online for a specific product?

Simply putting ‘Desch clutch’ into the search engine will bring up a wealth of information about the part, including who and where supplies it!

Consider buying second-hand parts

As we wrote in our blog about tips for buying parts of power tools, once you have determined the specific industrial part you require, you will then need to work out whether locating a second-hand part would be sufficient. However, as we previously warned, as many components come under heavy industrial use, it might be more beneficial to buy a new industrial component.

If you do require any specialist parts, such as a Lenze variable speed pulley or a Berges variable speed belt, get in touch with industrial components experts YB Components.