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Advice for reducing noise of industrial gearboxes and geared motors


Whilst noise goes hand in hand with manufacturing and using heavy machinery, severe noise can become a serious issue, namely to the potential damage it can cause to operators’ hearing. Consequently, every business that operates industrial machinery should constantly adhere to noise reduction strategies.

Whether your production line relies on the likes of Sit couplings, Sirem motorised rollers, Planox clutches, or Orpex couplings, take a look at the following advice for reducing noise of industry machinery.

Identifying the sources of excessive noise

As Mar-Industrial advises in its excessive noise reduction tips, one of the most common places excessive noise takes place is within gear drive units. This is essentially due to the fact that the components within a gear drive move and therefore vibrate. While this noise caused by vibrating parts might be normal, excessive noise occurs when components come out of line, increasing the vibration and therefore the noise.

If this situation has occurred, sound tests should be run in order to isolate the problem of what particular part is causing the loud noise.

Gear repairs

Mar-Industrial advises to consult your gearbox manufacturer to determine what is restricting the machine’s performance and creating the excessive noise.

Some of the primary repairs and alterations required on the likes of Pujol geared motors, Sirem gearboxes and Danfoss bauer industrial gearboxes is to switch from spur gearing to helical gearing, as this gives the gearbox a better “maximum-to minimum contact length ratio”.

Gear tooth reduction can also help eliminate excessive noise levels. Whether it is tip relief, crowning, or altering the shape of the gear tooth, gear tooth reduction can be an effective way to prevent high noise levels.

The excessive wear of gears can also create noise problems. Study both sides of the tooth to check for excessive wear, which can be a big factor of producing noise. If the gears look like they are excessively worn, you should get in touch with a gearbox repair company or the gearbox manufacturer about getting the industrial gearbox repaired.

You should also investigate gearbox housing, and potentially increase the housing to help minimise the amount of noise coming from the gearbox.

In its ‘Top 10 Noise Control Techniques’ document, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), maps out numerous strategies for reducing noise in industrial settings. These techniques include:

.               Damping

.               Fan installations

.               Ductwork

.               Fan speed

.               Pneumatic exhausts

.               Pneumatic nozzles

.               Vibration isolation pads

.               Existing machine guards

.               Chain and timing belt drives

.               Electric motors

If you require a the likes of a Heynau, Zurrer, Li-Ming and Falk gearbox and gears inspected and repaired, send the component to YBComponents, and we’ll carry out a full inspection and repair to help eliminate excessive noise levels.