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Advice for keeping agricultural equipment in good working order

Almost every industry in the world relies industrial components to operate and none so more than agriculture and the equipment used in agriculture. When designing modern agricultural machinery, several key factors need to be considered, including meeting market-specific regulations for noise and exhaust emissions, improving performance and reducing cost of ownership.

In agricultural machinery, hydraulic auxiliary drives provide potential for improving efficiency. Across the globe, industrial parts manufacturers are making high quality components for hydraulic systems for the agriculture industry. For example, Kumera Power Transmissions manufactures hydraulic clutches and Norgear PTO gearboxes, which are used for deck machinery pumps, shaft alternators and other pump drives.

Hydraulic components are an essential feature of agricultural machinery but how do agriculture workers ensure such equipment is maintained to an optimum standard?

Maintenance and repair of equipment

It is important agricultural machinery is maintained on a day-to-day basis. This includes oil and filter changer, as well as battery charging and replacement. According to the Maintenance in Agriculture – A Safety and Health Guide by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, other key tasks should include:

.               Replacing or sharpening cutting blades in machinery

.               The maintenance of electrical connections

.               Repairing or replacing safety guards

.               Clearing blockages

.               Lubrication, filter changes and oil changes

.               Regular maintenance of engines and cooling systems

.               Clearing any blockages

.               Preservation of lifting equipment

.               Operations with compressed tyres/air

.               Wielding and light metal machining

.               Lubricating and cleaning power-take-off shaft guarding

.               Preservation of oil mill’s machinery

.               Maintenance of hydraulic systems

Safety procedures when carrying out maintenance checks in agricultural machinery

The European Agency for Safety and Health at work also advises the following safe working procedures while servicing and maintaining machinery.

.               Stop and turn off the equipment before any inspection is carried out

.               Ensure the machine has come to rest, remembering there is a rundown time

.               Do not forget that energy can be stored in the likes of hydraulics or springs

.               Make sure the right tools are used for the job

.               Ensure anything that could potentially rotate or move is secure

.               Lock switches on static equipment and remove the key from mobile machinery

.               Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer

.               Replace the guards before restarting machinery when the job is finished

.               Check the equipment before restarting it

.               Only carry out the maintenance check if you have been properly trained to do so

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