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Advice for choosing hydraulic components


Hydraulic components are essential for the operation of many tools, cylinders and drive systems. Today hydraulic systems are used in a wide number of applications. Hydraulic systems, similar to pneumatic ones, generate electromagnetic fields by the pressure quality of the substances around them. These vital industrial systems are used to accomplish a multitude of tasks, such as turning a shaft, lifting heavy loads and drilling precision holes.

As Machinery Lubrication informs, the primary components hydraulic systems include the pump, reservoir, motor, actuator, cylinder, amongst others.

When many electronic devices would fail to function in high-temperature environments, hydraulic components can prove to be essential.

Like with any industrial component, whether it’s a Kauermann Coupling, a Kumera clutch, ave chains, or any other important industrial part, it is essential the right hydraulic component is used for specific applications.

In its article about tips for selecting and sizing pneumatic and hydraulic components, Automation World maps out a series of points that should be considered when choosing hydraulic components.


One feature that should be considered when selecting hydraulic components is the temperature. As Automation World advises, during preventative procedures, surface temperatures should be checked and recorded as high temperatures could potentially damage the viscosity properties of the hydraulic oil.

Quality tubing

Automation World also advises to use quality tubing in order to prevent leaks. Nylon tubing should ideally be used on machines, opposed to PE tubing and push-on fittings. Furthermore, leaks within soft tubing are often difficult to detect in a plant environment.

Align pipelines

Pipelines should also be aligned as if they are not aligned correctly at the right angle, equipment will be at risk from damage.

Consolidating hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic fluids are another area of hydraulic systems that should not go overlooked. Fluid consolidation helps to reduce both complexity and inventory and, as Machinery Lubrication writes, “caution should be observed to consider all of the critical fluid characteristics required for each system.”

Consequently, the specific requirements of each piece of equipment should be considered, as should the operating limits of the equipment.

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