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Acoflex Couplings: Features and Benefits  

Available in the UK through YB Components, Acoflex Couplings are flexible couplings variously known as star, jaw or spider couplings. The Acoflex coupling’s basic design consists of four elements including two hubs with a elastomeric insert in between, plus the cover ring.

Acoflex couplings are suitable for applications with high misalignments and those that produce frequent shocks and vibrations They are useful in both low and medium power rates, and especially with applications where minimising downtime is vital.

Acoflex Couplings Manufacturer

Acoflex flexible couplings are manufactured in Spain by Une who have been designing and building couplings for over 50 years. Une itself is a part of the Egana Group who are specialists in designing and manufacturing rubber-metal and textile-rubber industrial products.

Acoflex Coupling Features

The two hub components of Acoflex couplings are made of cast iron, with most models featuring eight teeth in each hub, though there are some models that feature four and six teeth per hub.

The elastic split insert of the flexible star, jaw or spider coupling fits over the teeth in the hubs. It is manufactured with an excellent polyurethane compound which is available in three different quality levels including standard, high temperature and high performance. This range of quality level allows users to choose the most suitable solution depending on the requirements of the application in mind.

The cover ring is made of steel, and comes fixed to the insert with two setscrews that help reduce any downtime. This is achieved thanks to the setscrew design enabling a quick and easy installation or replacement that doesn’t require moving the hubs or realigning the driver or the driven equipment.

There are various versions of the Acoflex couplings, with the A series being the simplest construction. The range of Acoflex couplings also includes configurations with taper-lock bushings, spacer and double spacer arrangement, brake discs and brake drums. There is also an SAE flywheel assembly.

Benefits of Acoflex Couplings

Acoflex flexible couplings require neither maintenance nor lubrication. As mentioned, they are quick and easy to install as well as to replace, plus they are long lasting as the elastic insert has an excellent resistance to chemicals as well as to wear and tear. The different polyurethane quality levels provide an product-wide working temperature range from -40 degrees to +140 degrees Celsius.

These flexible jaw couplings are designed to have a high misalignment capability, with the various models able to compensate for high axial, angular and radial misalignments. They also boast excellent shock load and vibration absorption, with the elastomeric insert absorbing shocks and vibrations occurring in the driven equipment.

Acoflex couplings are also very safe, with the flexible star element preventing any metal-to-metal contact between the hubs or the cover ring.

If you require any Acoflex flexible couplings, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Acoflex couplings distributor in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.