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A New Mezzanine Flooring Solution?


One of the most useful solutions for maximising the space of a warehouse, factory or manufacturing plant is mezzanine flooring. It allows workspaces to create additional floors to use the vertical space above the usual flooring of the building.

Previously, mezzanine floors have been static, but now a new ‘modular’ mezzanine flooring solution provides businesses with more flexibility to scale the extra flooring according to their business needs.

A ‘Completely Different’ Capacity Solution

The modular mezzanine product has been created by U.S. firm Custom Industrial Products and their Vice-President of National Sales, Kevin Powers, said: “This modular approach provides a completely different way of solving your capacity issues. Instead of custom building a solution to fit the needs of your building, this allows businesses to add capacity to fit the needs of their business.”

The new mezzanine flooring consists of 10 x 10ft solid steel raised-platform sections that support over 55kg per square foot. Each section can be used separately or bolted together which provides a much more flexible and scalable flooring solution ideal for work areas with space constraints.

“I think one of the best things about this modular approach is the scalability,” added Powers. “You only need to buy the amount of additional capacity you need right now. In the future, if you need additional sections and you have space, you can add more units. This also means they are ideal for all growing businesses, big and small.”

As each unit is capable of being either combined with others or standing alone, on-site welding is no longer necessary. The sections can be configured into a variety of shapes to meet specific warehouse space needs.

The modular mezzanine floors are also much easier and quicker to install. The company’s Director of Business Development, Rob Railis, said: “Because these interchangeable units just bolt together, there is no need to weld anything and they can be installed in a matter of days as opposed to the weeks when dealing with most custom mezzanines.”

Innovative Industrial Solutions

While Custom Industrial Lifts are only currently serving the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, it is only a matter of time before this innovative industrial space-maximising solution comes to Europe and the rest of the world. As the UK’s leading industrial gearbox suppliers, the news of this excellent innovation caught our eye as many of our customers would benefit from such modular mezzanine flooring.

Many of our customers require the products we supply as industrial gearbox suppliers, and space is often at a premium when they conduct their business. A scalable product such as modular mezzanine flooring may be the ideal solution for many businesses, as are the products in our range from the highest quality industrial gearbox manufacturers.

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