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A look at Spraymation Thermopulse Units


The USA-based Spraymation company produce both standard and customized versions of their high quality fluid dispensing systems. They design and manufacture a variety of products for both heated and non-heated fluid applications, and specialise in the creation of electromechanical machinery and equipment for the application of thermoplastic and cold adhesives.


From sealing cartons of food products or corrugated cases, to bonding a variety of non-woven surfaces such as those in disposable nappy business or waterproof plasters, the Spraymation parts and products are in huge demand all around the world.


Spraymation Parts and Applications


As well as designing and manufacturing their own heated or non-heated fluid dispensing systems, Spraymation also produce all the related ancillary equipment for the precision application of all sorts of fluids including hot melted adhesives, cold adhesives, paint, heated wax, lubricants, marking fluids, silicone, perfume, surfactants, coatings, sealants and even food products.


Whether the application requires the discharge of fluid to be in the form of beads or dots, air dispersed, slot nozzle, air atomized or airless spray patterns, Spraymation can provide you with the tools you require for your business. Spraymation parts are currently being employed in a wide variety of industry sectors across the United States and the rest of the world, including the likes of nonwoven converting operations, high speed packaging operations, medical application products, auto and semi-automatic painting as well as a wide variety of manufacturing processes and product assembly.


Spraymation Thermopulse Cold Fluid Dispensers


The Thermopulse line of cold adhesive fluid dispensing systems includes both a low pressure and a high pressure system. The low pressure system uses less than 100 PSI (pounds per square inch) pressure, and comes in either two gallon, five gallon or ten gallon tanks. The high pressure system uses up to 2,500 PSI pressure and come equipped with a high pressure output filter, inlet suction filter as well as all the necessary air regulator equipment.


Spraymation Thermopulse Hot Fluid Dispensers


There are three primary hot melt adhesive systems, although these are not the only designs possible as Spraymation can manufacture customised fluid dispensing systems according to a client’s needs. Their three standard systems include the 970 Thermopulse Unit which is compact and ruggedly constructed. It features an adjustable pressure pump and comes equipped, as all the systems do, with the Electromatic automatic applicator head.


The next size up is the 1970 Series, which consists of a 2.5 gallon heated reservoir tank and a DC motor driven positive displacement gear pump. There is also an adjustable potentiometer so the operator can adjust the speed of the gear pump drive motor.


The largest of the three standard Thermopulse units features a 5 gallon reservoir tank, the contents of which can still be melted on demand as with the smaller models. It also has a positive displacement DC motor driven gear, while a closed-loop electronic control system with pressure transducer guarantees a constant pressure of within plus or minus 5%.


If you require any Spraymation parts or information about their Thermopulse hot melt and cold adhesive application systems, then contact YB Components who can ship these parts all over the UK and Europe.