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A look at Sankyo Oilless


Sankyo Oilless specialise in the manufacture of oilless metals and machine parts, which usually involve a variety of solid lubricants in order to enable smooth operation within an industrial machine without compromising the efficiency or productivity. Since Sankyo Oilless manufacture began in Japan back in 1964, they have been continuously researching materials and developing products to satisfy their customers’ needs. So customer-focused are they that their company mission statement simply reads, ‘Stepping forward with customers together.’


Sankyo Oilless Distributors Provide Solutions


While Sankyo Oilless should be praised for the numerous solutions they have provided for many industrial machinery problems through the development of their solid lubricant products, it is the Sankyo Oilless suppliers who make the Sankyo Oilless industry components available internationally by distributing the parts all over the world.


The main problem that the development of oilless bearings and sliding surfaces that use solid lubricants instead of liquid lubricants solves is that of excessive wear and tear, often exacerbated by the likes of abrasive scoring and impactful seizures (common in liquid-lubricated machines). Machine failures caused by the problems that liquid lubricants can instigate can be costly to repair as well as causing significant downtime during such repairs. Even the constant maintenance that liquid lubricants require can add additional costs to a company’s expenditure, costing both time and money in the form of manpower and vigilant renewal of the lubricant at regular intervals. While there are special devices that can be installed to provide constant liquid lubrication, even these need to be constantly monitored and checked up on.


The Sankyo Oilless industry components are specially designed and developed sliding surfaces such as bearings made from oilless metals which help prevent those machinery failures that liquid-lubricated machines suffer from. The Sankyo oilless bearings feature uniquely embedded or impregnated solid lubricants which have been highly acclaimed by numerous fields of industry, including the demanding automobile industry.


Sankyo Oilless Manufacture Boosted by ISO Certification


While Sankyo Oilless has always prided themselves on the quality of the products they produce, additional acknowledgment of their superior craft was achieved in 1999 when their primary plant in Yamagata succeeded in acquiring the ISO 9001 certificate which is the internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems. It is the most widely recognised quality management standard in the world, with well over a million certificates issued to organizations all over the world.


Sankyo have also established affiliated companies in Europe and the United States, as well as employing agents in many Asian countries to enable continued supply of the Sankyo Oilless industry components to customers all over the world. Sankyo Oilless suppliers such as YB Components ensure the excellent Sankyo products benefit industrial businesses all over the globe, while Sankyo Oilless themselves focus their efforts into product planning and quality assurance so they can continue to meet the strict requirements of the world’s variety of industries.


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