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A look at Reich Couplings


Reich Couplings are a family-run business founded over 70 years ago which has since been continually evolving as a company. Beginning as a simple spare parts manufacturer for the mining industry, the business has continued to expand into the internationally renowned power transmission specialists they are known as today.

Reich Kupplungen, as the brand is known in their native German, develop and produce torsionally flexible couplings which are predominantly used for applications including combustion engines and power generation plant machinery as well as other instationary and mobile applications. They are particular popular for use in the manufacture and operation of construction machinery, commercial vehicles, railway engineering and shipbuilding.

Couplings Available Through Reich Parts Suppliers

Reich produce multiple different coupling models, each with their own particular specifications which make them useful for the variety of applications mentioned above. There are highly flexible couplings, torsionally flexible couplings and torsionally rigid couplings. The elastomeric elements of many of the Reich Couplings products are a particular source of pride for the manufacturer, whose in-house developers design some of the highest quality and long lasting power transmission products on the market.

With all of their couplings available through Reich parts suppliers such as YB Components, the global reach of the company continues to grow. Below we take a brief look at a just a couple of the most popular Reich coupling products.


The Arcusaflex coupling is a highly flexible flywheel coupling that is equipped with an axial plug-in facility. This special axial plug-in facility enables this Reich coupling design to have a torsionally soft connection between the driving motor and its corresponding engine. This Arcusaflex model is renowned for its extremely high torsional flexibility while maintaining a linear torsional deflection characteristic which keeps it free from the backlash often caused by torque transmission.

This coupling available through Reich parts distributors comes in fifteen sizes according to the requirements of the customer, with the torsion power options ranging from 200 Nm up to 110000 Nm. The plug-in type design with an axial float make this coupling especially simple to assemble, while the high vibration and impact absorbing capability reduces the risk of misalignment. A safety feature is also included with the Arcusaflex coupling, as it has a torque limitation element which is designed to protect the drive from overload.


The Acrusaflex-VSK coupling is another highly torsionally flexible coupling which differs from the non-VSK version as this one is primarily used in a drive train. The main application of the VSK model is used when there is a large shaft displacement or when a particularly long distance between the driven components and the driving motor must be compensated for. When the distance between shafts is significant enough to cause problems with the machinery, then the Arcusaflex-VSK is the ideal coupling that should be sought from Reich parts distributors.

The Arcusaflex-VSK coupling also features the linear torsional deflection characteristic, as well as being available with a variety of elements that produce different torsional rigidity factors. The coupling has an excellent vibration damping capacity and is available in nine sizes ranging from 390 Nm up to 20.000 Nm. An additional bonus comes in the form of maintenance-free bearings.

If you require any Reich parts such as the ARCUSAFLEX couplings described above or any other Reich couplings, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Reich parts suppliers who can ship these Reich components all over the world.