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A look at Juboflex Couplings


The flexibility of couplings is especially important when transmitting torque from a drive shaft onto a driven shaft. This flexibility allows the coupling to absorb minor shocks and regulate irregularities in the torque. They can also compensate for any misalignment between the drive shaft and the driven shaft, enabling the coupling to handle any offset between them. A well designed and efficiently flexible coupling can also distribute peak loads while allowing for some distortion within the mounting beds.


When machines coupled with connected shafts are mounted on flexible bases, the flexibility of the couplings on the shafts becomes even more important. A coupling such as the Juboflex couplings described in further detail below can help avoid certain constraints that can arise when rigid couplings are a part of the operation.


Additionally, flexible couplings like the Juboflex couplings produce a lot less noise during operation while minimising friction and lubrication costs. They are usually much lighter and with an ever wider load tolerance than rigid couplings.


Juboflex Couplings


Couplings do not come much more flexible than Juboflex couplings. Their flexibility comes from their flexible element being made of pre-compressed natural rubber connected with bonded metal spacers. Most of the flange mounts the Juboflex models come with are made of die-cast steel, though there are exceptions where the flange is made of cast iron. Each Juboflex coupling comes with a pre-compression band which is to be removed once the coupling has been installed.


The advantages of Juboflex couplings are numerous, starting with the extremely effective dampening or weakening of any cyclic irregularities or unexpected peaks in the torque power being transmitted from the drive shaft to the driven shaft. They are also known to be very safe to operate thanks to being pre-compressed, which guarantees a superior resistance to any variations in power. The Juboflex coupling designs also feature the ability to handle significantly large misalignment which negates any need to ensure the alignment of the drive shaft and driven shaft is precisely aligned. This massively decreases the need for coupling repairs and maintenance.


Applications of Juboflex Couplings


There is a wide array of applications where the Juboflex couplings can be extremely useful, with pretty much any suitable machinery that produces significant vibrations benefitting greatly from the vibration dampening qualities the pre-compressed rubber of the Juboflex has. Machinery such as air conditioners and fans are obvious candidates, but the couplings can also be used for heavier machinery such as compressors, engines and power presses. All sorts of machine tools benefit from flexible couplings, while other industrial machines such as large sieves, gensets, pumps and speed reducers all have great need of flexibility in their shaft couplings.


There are, of course, a great many types of flexible coupling out there to explore, but for industrial machinery in need of that important flexibility, there are few rivals for Juboflex couplings when it comes to vibration dampening and the ability to handle any cyclic irregularities.


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