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A look at AMT Linear Bearings


AMT linear bearings, as they used to be known, are manufactured by the PMI Group. As such, the AMT linear bearings are more accurately referred to as PMI linear bearings these days, though the former AMT name is still well known among a wide variety of industries.


The PMI Group has been heavily involved in the production of ballscrews, guide ways and linear bearings ever since they manufactured their first ballscrew back in 1991. Their focus has always been what they describe as the ‘critical components of precision machinery’. This means they produce parts for machine tools as well as other industrial machinery such as electric discharging, wire cutting and plastics injection machines. Those in charge of AMT linear bearings manufacture also produce components for semi-conductors and precision orientation equipment.


PMI Prioritise High Quality and Safe Environments


The PMI Group have ensured that their products adhere to the regulations set out by the European Union’s directive on the Restrictions on the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), so they conform to an environmentally friendly management system that aims to produce a pollution-free workplace.


The AMT linear bearings manufacturers’ mission statement is a very simple one, and that is to provide comprehensive solutions via their innovation and research into the development of high quality motion components that meet the needs of the industries they serve. Their aim is to become known as the ‘business paradigm of precision motion components’ across the entire global market. The good news is that they certainly have the high quality products to match their ambitions.


They also go to some lengths to reiterate their promise to protect the environment, devoting much of their business practice to implementing a variety of environmental and energy management policies. These include a dedication to the reduction of pollution by continually seeking to improve their energy performance. They also develop ‘green’ energy saving products which are designed to improve the energy performance of the machinery they are used with.


The PMI Group is proud to be a leader in environmental protection by meeting or exceeding regulatory levels for emissions and waste control, as well as maintaining a safe and friendly working environment that utilizes the latest energy reduction technology.


A Business Philosophy for High Quality Products


The PMI Group are also rightly proud of their research and development departments, as well as their increasingly renowned AMT linear bearing manufacture of precision linear motion components. They also believe that this superior level of service and quality is achieved through their innovative business philosophy which is integral to the success of all their departments. So for the forward thinking business that requires high quality products that are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, they can’t go wrong with these AMT linear bearings, ballscrews or guide ways produced by the PMI Group.


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