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A Closer Look at the Acoflex Elastic Star Coupling  

 Available through YB Components who are the leading Acoflex suppliers in the UK, the Acoflex Elastic Star Coupling is composed of a polyurethane insert that provides the elasticity and strength to transmit power.

Also known as a flexible jaw or spider coupling, the Acoflex Elastic Star Coupling is composed of four elements. These include the aforementioned elastomeric insert which is fitted between the outer cover ring and the two inner hubs.

In this article we will look closer at each of the elements that make up this excellent product and explain the sort of applications it is best suited for.

Acoflex Coupling Hubs

The Acoflex Elastic Star Couplings available through Acoflex distributors feature two inner hubs manufactured in cast iron. Each hub features eight teeth in all but two of the models. The models with a different amount of teeth include the A-00 which has four teeth, and the A-0 which has six teeth.

Speak to the experts at UK Acoflex suppliers YB Components if you are uncertain which model of Acoflex Elastic Star Coupling is best suited to your application.

Acoflex Coupling Cover Ring

The cover ring of this Acoflex coupling is made with steel. It is fixed to the elastic insert with two setscrews to allow the application operator to perform a quick and easy installation or replacement without moving the cast iron hubs.

The easy install and replace design also allows the application operator to realign both the driver or the driven equipment easily, thus helping to reduce downtime.

Acoflex Coupling Elastic Insert

The elastic insert of the Acoflex Elastic Star Coupling is split and fits snugly over the hub teeth. The insert has been manufactured with the best quality polyurethane compound, and there are three levels of quality to choose from depending on the intended purpose. The first level is standard, then there is another level for applications generating or operating in high temperatures. There is a third quality level for high performance.

All quality levels are good, but the best solution for any particular application will be determined by the unique application requirements and operating conditions.

Applications of the Acoflex Elastic Star Coupling

As flexible jaw couplings, the Acoflex Elastic Star Couplings are an excellent solution for applications that experience a high number of misalignments. These products are also ideal for situations where it is critical to minimise both downtime and maintenance expenses.

The damping properties of these products supplied by Acoflex distributors in the UK are extremely beneficial for applications that experience shock loads and significant vibration transmission. This Acoflex coupling is also good for use in both low and medium power rates.

If you require any Acoflex Elastic Star Couplings, then contact YB Components who are the UK’s leading Acoflex distributors in Yorkshire. We keep local stocks of all such parts and more ready to ship out fast and free all over the UK and the rest of the world.