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4 Ways to Extend the Life of Industrial Machinery and Equipment


Anybody involved in a business that uses heavy machinery should be aware of exactly how much maintenance their equipment requires, but it’s always worth brushing up on some of the general maintenance guidelines which should be followed in order to help keep a business and its machinery running smoothly.


Obviously, each piece of machinery will need different levels of care and different kinds of attention individual to its own operational capabilities. Anti-vibration mounts will not need the same kind of maintenance that a set of TCB barrel couplings need, nor as much regular attention as gearboxes and geared motor units require to continue running smoothly. However, on top of all the extra types of maintenance each unique piece of equipment requires, there are four main general maintenance tips which every business using heavy machinery should be aware of.


Keep Operator Training Up to Date


Any inspection of heavy machinery should also include that of the operators. It’s possible that a particular machine involves multiple operators, all of whom need to be up to date with all their instructional training. Some businesses might see a fairly regular turnover of staff, so it’s paramount in such an instance that the incoming staff are brought up to speed and given the proper training immediately. It only takes one moment of untrained buffoonery to either endanger the health and safety of other employees at worst, or at least cause damage to the machinery which then costs money to repair.


Even once they are fully trained, operator manuals should be available for each operator detailing the exact instructions for each part of the operational process. This is because we humans have a tendency to forget things sometimes so a handy manual for each and every employee ensures they have access to any information they are unsure about.


Frequently Inspect and Test Oils and Lubricants


Lubricants are vital parts of many heavy pieces of equipment as they keep the machine’s components from creating friction which can then damage the machine itself. Regularly inspecting and testing the lubricants in your machines will help lengthen the life of your equipment. Check for leaks around your TCB barrel couplings, or excess grease building up around the anti-vibration mounts, and ensure the correct type of oil or lubricant is being used in the correct way, especially in friction-heavy equipment such as gearboxes and geared motors.


Regularly Check for Signs of Wear and Keep a Record


Wear and tear is inevitable with heavy machinery but if left unchecked it can cause increasingly worrying damage. Any machinery that vibrates, involves impact shocks or high temperatures will be especially prone to wear and tear. Also keep fully aware of the age of the machine and its components as the wear and tear will obviously increase over time and usage, with a record kept so you know exactly when the age factor will come into play. In fact, it’s a good idea to keep a log of all inspections and build a schedule out of it so you know exactly when and where you should be checking for each inspection.


Keep the Machines Clean


It should be instilled into every operator that one of the most important aspects of their job is to keep the machinery clean. That might not be possible during operational times, but time must be afforded at the end of each day to properly clean the equipment in readiness for the next operational period. Build-up of dirt and grime can have a seriously detrimental effect on heavy machinery so ensure your machines are spick and span whenever possible.


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